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Sorry. It’s bitching time!

And about fictional characters, no less.

I’m sure if you’ve been in touch with any kind of gaming culture over the past three or so years, you’ve heard plenty about the Resident Evil/Biohazard series, and recently all the big fuss over a cosmetic change for one of the series’ most iconic characters; Jill Valentine.

The change occurred when Resident Evil Revelations was announced and the first official images were revealed; The changes to Ms. Valentine’s face caused an absolute SHIT STORM. While I admit I found the change a bit odd(why change such an iconic face?) that’s as far as I went. I accepted it and went about my business, all the while far too aware of the things people were saying.

"God, she’s so ugly!"
"That bitch ain’t hot anymore :("
"I can’t believe they changed her face! I hate her now!"

I just couldn’t believe it. It’s disturbing.

First off, I’d like to know why SO MANY PEOPLE WERE JUDGING SUCH A HEROIC CHARACTER BASED SOLELY ON HER APPEARANCE? What kind of message is this sending? That a more “traditionally” pretty woman isn’t worth as much as she was before when she was unconventional? The fact of the matter is Jill Valentine is one of the greatest heroes of any franchise ever, but somehow people let appearance determine their opinions.

It makes me sick.